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Solar Electric Servicessolar electric services

We put the sun to work for you - Generating electricity from the sun is a technology that is steadily making its way to homes, businesses, and other applications. Solar electricity, also known as photovoltaics, has had a great advancement in technology in the last two decades.

At Nickerson Electric, we have kept pace with our training in this field and can bring to you the latest technological advancements to make your home or business more energy efficient. Call us today at 603-398-2860 to learn how!

Standby Generators

Never be without power again with a standby generator from Nickerson Electric! Our generators use a fossil fuel powered engine, run by natural gas or propane, to create electricity. They are permanently attached to the house via a fuel line and conductors, eliminating the need to refuel gas tanks or to plug them in and they are designed to endure the elements. Small units require only a mounting pad (included), but larger units require a concrete pad.

stand by generators

Stand-by generators are completely automatic - they detect power outages, wait 15 seconds, then switches power over to the generator (automatic transfer switch required). This restores power to pre-selected circuits and once the power to your utilities is restored, it switches off. The generator will self-test weekly and only requires basic maintenance (oil and filters). Call us today at 603-398-2860 for pricing and more information.

Canopy and Case Lighting

canopy light

CanopyLight™ Features

  • Greater than 50,000 Hour LED Fixture Life Span
  • Significantly Reduced Energy Consumption - 33W
  • No Cutting into Canopy - Fast Installation, No Leaks
  • Focused Light - Highlights Gas Pumps, Fueling Areas
  • Modular Design for Ease of Maintenance
  • 5 Year Warranty on CanopyLight Fixtures - Including Power Supply
  • ETL Listed (pending)

case light

CaseLight™ Features

  • FAST ROI - 18-20 Months - Even faster with Rebates!
  • Highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) Available
  • Designed for Retrofitting Fluorescent Lights in Refrigerated, Reach-in, Vertical, and Heated Food Display Cases
  • Even Light Distribution Throughout Display Case
  • No Exposed Lenses to Crack or Break 
  • 5 Year CaseLight Warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

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*Note: We do not provide solar services in Vermont